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Complexul Energetic Hunedoara (C.E.H.) was established in November 1, 2012, by merging of Paroşeni and Mintia power plants. The four viable mines in the Jiu Valley - Lonea, Livezeni, Vulcan and Lupeni are going to be included in this structure.

Complexului Energetic Hunedoara provides about 5% of Romania's electricity generation with an existing installed capacity of 1.435 MW, being the only major producer of electricity in the center and northwest of the country. The setting-up of the C.E.H. was required by the fact that in Romania there is no company generating electricity from hard coal which is enough large to participate to regional and international projects for the benefit of Romanian market.

In the national energy strategy for C.E.H., it is taken into consideration a comprehensive program of modernization and rehabilitation of power units and auxiliaries, which allows increasing the lifetime, the safety and the operational efficiency as well as the compliance with environmental standards, as the expected annual production is of 5 TW/h. C.E.H. is expected to be a reliable power plant in the National Power System, being considered an important player in the regional energy market.